St. Thereza Namilyango girls’ Boarding Primary School is a Catholic founded school which was started in 1949 by the Catholic Franciscan Missionary sisters for Africa. Currently, the school managed by the Little Sisters of St. Francis.

The purpose of starting this school was to assist the parent of the area educate their girl children since there was no girls’ school nearby.

To date, the school is managed and owned by the institute of the Little St. Francis of Assisi, the indigenous congregation. The Management has maintained the initial purpose of the founders.

Below are the names of Sisters who have participated in the administration of the school.

YEAR NAME OF HEADTEACHER                            
1949 – 1951 Sr. Mary Karoli
1952 – 1957 Sr. Mary   Chyrizastom
1958 – 1968 Sr. Mary    George
1969 – 1976 Sr. Mary     Gerald
1977 – 1980 Sr. Mary       Monica

From 1981 on-wards, there was shortage of personals in the congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Francis, so they decided to hand it over to the lay people for some time.

The Little Sisters then resumed administration of the school with the plan of turning it into a boarding school in 1992;

  YEAR                                                                                         NAME OF HEADTEACHER                             
1992- 1996 Sr. Specioza Nampiima
1997 -2004 Sr. Thereza Francis Namwase
2005 – 2010 Sr. Rosalia   Babirye
2011 – to date Sr. Hilda Tibarindeka